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Makari Blue Crystal Body Lotion and Soap Duo

Makari Blue Crystal Body Lotion and Soap Duo

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Blue Crystal Body Lotion & Soap Duo are the basis ingredients to help rejuvenate the appearance of lackluster skin.  Formulated with glutathione, collagen and Vitamin C, these skin-reviving products improve resiliency, suppleness and luminosity.  Skin looks refreshed and glowing.


Body Lotion:

Skin Reviving Body Lotion heals and revitalizes skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural botanicals revealing a radiant glow. This creamy moisturizing lotion with Glutathione stimulates cell renewal, resulting in firmer and silky smooth even tone skin all over your body.

Reviving Beauty Bar Soap:

This beauty bar transforms into a cleansing foam that will revitalize and refresh your skin. Makari's unique cell stimulating and restoring formula leaves the complexion oil and dirt free. Watch as the Glutathione, a natural antioxidant and brightening botanical, reduces acne, melasma, and dark spots, while lightly exfoliating, prepping the skin ready for the skincare that follows.

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